Geissler Receipts

 Receipts before tax of $35 or more will be accepted

  • Collect and send in with your children to Kelly Lane and Wells, there are collection bins in both the main offices

  • Please hold no longer than 4 months to give us time to organize, add and submit before the 6 month deadline


  • All receipts must be submitted with a School Educational Form

  • Beer, cigarettes, bottle deposits and stamps may be on the receipt, but these amounts must be removed from total

  • Amounts for any returned items must be removed from the total also

  • The receipts must have a minimum purchase of $35 to qualify (total after any removed items)

  • Please use the subtotal amounts before tax

  • Receipts cannot be older than 6 months

  • Orders that have received a discount are not eligible (I.e. senior discount, web discount, employee discount, etc.)

  • All slips must be dated after the agreed upon start date

  • Organization may submit receipts to the Corporate office at the address above or any Geissler's Supermarket location at any time

  • Geissler's will donate 5% of the total amount of receipts collected to your organization

  • Promote the program to earn more for your organization!