Enhancement of Learning Fund (E.L.F.)

Dear Teachers, Administrators, and Resource Persons,

The Granby Elementary PTO is once again pleased to offer the Enhancement of Learning Fund (ELF) for the upcoming school-year. ELF's purpose is to provide funding for those items that will enhance your teaching, create engaging classrooms, and provide creative opportunities for student learning. ELF grants can be used to enhance or supplement your current curriculum or can be used to support a creative idea that falls within the guidelines listed below. Please remember that you can apply to ELF as many times as you wish during the school year and that all amounts, large and small, will be considered.

Elf Grant Submission Deadlines

Dates TBD

ELF money will be distributed according to the guidelines listed below:

Your request should:

  • Relate to the curriculum

  • Support a creative idea to expand student learning

  • Impact as many students as possible

  • Not require on-going support

  • Not be covered by other funds or budgets

  • Not be for after-school clubs or programs

  • Not be for field trips, party materials, transportation expenses, or furniture.

  • These items are outside our guidelines

Suggested uses of ELF resources would be such things as funding enrichment materials and purchasing special equipment or supplies to expand a curriculum unit.

Questions on Application

Funding Requested For: Describe the item or proposal you wish to have funded by ELF. Please explain how your request will enhance or supplement your current curriculum or classroom/school theme.

Cost of Item of Proposal: Provide itemized cost estimate including any miscellaneous fees involved in obtaining such items/services (e.g. shipping and handling). Note that the Granby PTO is a sales tax exempt organization. When obtaining quotes for your item(s), please provide the PTO's tax exempt permit number, 9434.

Required Funding Date and Information: Provide an approximate timeline for funding and any extra information such as websites and/or links.